Amsterdam night´s dream

Jeroen could see only a few miles away the city of Amsterdam. His vision of the Dutch capital of the mid-seventeenth century is not the same as we can see today. He had been sailing for trade for several weeks and was returning to his city.

The Netherlands, because of its location and outlets to the sea, were a perfect place for maritime trade. With only a few meters to go, Jeroen caught a glimpse of an arm holding what appeared to be a lantern with it’s red light glowing in the mist Jeroen docked the boat and went to the bearer of the lantern and without a word they were lost in the streets of the city.

Jeroen´s boat

In “Amsterdam by Day” I told you about activities that can be done in the city, which transforms itself at night. It’s 7.30 pm and I find myself having a beer on a terrace. From there I see some of the most beautiful and typical domes and rooftops of the area; views that make you fall in love.

Sunset near Nieuwendijk

Then, I walk through its illuminated streets.  I am impressed by the hooks on the top of the houses. These are used to move furniture through the windows because in many buildings the stairs are very narrow. Also note that some facades are inclined towards the street which is due to an old tax that was calculated by the width of the facade; tipping them out you won a few meters without paying  more. I walk along the channels and of course the channels are even more beautiful at night. Illuminated bridges allow you to obtain postcard quality photos. There are numerous canal tours. Do not leave the city without experiencing one of them!

Illuminated canals



I turn to the busiest district of Amsterdam, the Red Light District. This area gets that name because its windows are illuminated with red lights which create a different atmosphere in the streets of the city center. There, dozens of women exercise the oldest trade in the world in a legal manner and under high standards of safety and hygiene. In the past, women hung red lanterns at the doors of the places where they were engaged in prostitution.  Additionally, in past centuries this zone was controlled by the sheriff who “supervised” both the women and the customers, mostly sailors.

It is not advisable to take photos or record videos as you may have some difficulties with the local workers, who will rightly tell you not to do so.

Even so, you can see the red light district in this video with a final message for you to understand that “All that glitters is not gold”.

As you can see, there are many tourists of all ages and gender who come to visit the Red Light District. Of course you cannot leave Amsterdam without walking its streets. In the area there are plenty of shops of all kinds like: restaurants, art galleries, sex shops and some other interesting shops. One that catches my attention the most is the Condomerie, a shop that sells condoms; from the typical  to others in the form of a dog, cat or plane. View them on their website

After some time strolling its streets I turn to a terrace located on one of the multiple bridges of Amsterdam. Going up  the bridge, I find myself at a height of about 2 meters. It may be in one of the highest points of the country as many of its areas are below sea level. The mountains here are almost nonexistent. On the terrace there are many young people drinking beer, which is not very expensive compared with those we have here in Spain. The terrace located in the Single channel  also has multiple meals to replenish forces. Right in front you will find one of the narrowest houses in Amsterdam with just over a meter from side to side and if  you don’t believe me look here. It is the red house with a window on each  floor and  some roses at its door.

After this break, I go to another place that you cannot miss if you go to Amsterdam; a coffee shop. These are cafes where marijuana is allowed, among other things. I have been told about De Dampkring in which some scenes of Ocean’s Twelve were filmed. There you can also try space muffins (chocolate muffins with a magic ingredient) or cigars with the same special ingredient. The place is perfectly set, both inside and out.

Coffee shop sign

In addition to all this, the city offers many more options for all tastes. For example: nightclubs, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, entertainment attractions (like a museum of horrors) and more.

After a while, I go out to walk through its streets almost in silence. When I look at the sky the stars seem to emanate luminous pulses that seem to want to send me some message.

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities and I hope to go back as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? 

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Article by Luis Sigvel

Luis: Environmentalist . Passionate about nature, TV series and travel junkie

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  1. Carlos says:

    Son unas fotos estupendas Luis. Un abrazo.

  2. Kevan says:

    The photos in this post are stunning. It is a really interesting read, and slightly embarrassing to admit that I enjoyed the part about the red light district, but Amsterdam is so much more.

    • Luis Sigvel says:

      Hi Kevan thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it. I need to come back ASAP to Amsterdam to discover new things!

  3. We have been to Amsterdam last year and we can’t wait to come back. The city by night offers only beautiful sceneries, just like your photos show. We know the vibes!!

    • Luis Sigvel says:

      haha hello! Yes I need to come back as soon as possible! I love the city and it´s true that at night it is awesome!

  4. Mihaela Dragan says:

    The pictures are amazing! I was so in love with Amsterdam the first time I visited. After only 3 days I imagined myself living in there, but then I found out that it rains almost all the time. I can’t take that pressure haha. Hope you had fun, Luis!

  5. I was in Amsterdam on a day-trip, so I didn’t get to check out the night activities! Hoping to visit again for a weekend and spend a night there as well!

  6. Ilana says:

    Amsterdam is a charming city, be it by night or day! Your photos bring a layer of mystery to this famous European destination!

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